21 Aug 2016

The magic of letting things go

I recently came across a learning forum which develops the habit of letting things go for the participants. Participants will attend a three day workshop and given a project to complete within the next 90 days. T犀利士
he project could be making a social impact, building awareness among the people or taking up some work that can change the perspective of the local citizens. The important thing to understand is that the projects will have strict deadlines and high pressure environment. A leader is nominated for a group of five people and leader has the responsibility along with his team to make the project a definite success. The leaders will have to fold the sleeves and work on the ground, at the same time participates in strategy discussion and stakeholder updates that happen once in two days. The leaders will literally sweat for the most of the duration of the project and will be desperate towards making this as a success. At the end of 70 days, the leaders are called for an update meeting. Most of the time, the teams would be very close to the completion of the project. At this meeting, the project sponsor asks every leader to step down their leadership positions and request them to join another team as a team member. The leaders hearing this statement will shed their tears and initially resist this decision. They are disappointed because they have put in all the energy and life in to this project and someone is asking them to step down when they are close to success. The project sponsors explains that the whole intention of the project is too see how leaders can let things go when needed.

The moral is sometime we hold on to things too close that we resist change. Can we develop the mindset of letting things go which we hold on although knowing that it can change anytime….

In other words, when we have nothing to loose , we win …

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