Build High Performing teams (Mix of Classroom & Outdoor Activities)

Course Overview: 

The objective of this program is to build synergies between people and teams by building common element of trust and transparency, increase collaboration and engagement within teams under challenging environments. The program will promote excellent bonding that could maximize communication by building great personal rapport between people and teams.

Activity Focus

  • Defining ‘What is Growth’? Why is Growth defined differently?
  • Handling Objections: How to say ‘No’, still maintaining relationship?
  • Building Consensus. What is accountability & responsibility? Is it different?
  • Disassociations: Handling crucial conversations and difficult people
  • Trust: Conditional Vs Unconditional trust. The ‘how’ part of building trust
  • Negotiation: ‘Why’ relation building is key to negotiation success
  • How to work as ONE team in a scattered and challenging environment
  • Improve communication effectiveness
  • Build trust between teams
  • Establish a culture of openness and the power of asking & listening
  • Benefits of effective team work and how it could achieve greater results than
    individual contribution (Team work)
  • Creating an environment that supports each other
  • Respect each other’s style and priorities
  • Tips, Tools and Techniques that can be applied in the real work context
  • Experiential learning through high engaging activities ,games and group
  • More of ask resulting in introspection and provocation. (change of attitude leads to change of behaviour)
  • Instilling various learning drivers.
  • Action plan for each individual.

Program in Action