Customer Testimonials

It is the appreciating words of our clients that drives us to perform better and better

George Rancourt
CEO - Constant Knowledge
We work with several of the top global companies and they have extremely high expectations. I am very selective on writing recommendations as most people are not consistent enough for a professional recommendation. It is with great pleasure to write a professional recommendation for Rajani Kanth.
Several years ago we co-delivered a 2-day workshop and it was a great success. Since then, Rajani is one of my most requested facilitators. He has been certified in the US for all of these programs and consistently delivers exceptional results.
When you need a true professional who understands adult learning, changing behavior, and reaching results – all delivered in a fun, entertaining, and exciting format…Rajani is your answer!
When executive level employees from Fortune 100 companies request Rajani Kanth…it is safe to say Rajani is one of the best facilitators in India.
Ruquaiya Zafar
Entrepreneur, Investor, Philanthropist
I read somewhere to double your income, triple your rate of learning. Rajanikanth is a perfect example of imparting practical to do things in his priceless sessions, an investment that can improve your life for good. Such engaging sessions and value for life, I sincerely recommend him for your training needs. Goodluck for future pursuits
Prasanna Kumar
Business Management Consultant & Trainer
Rajanikanth is an experienced trainer in the areas of Soft Skills in general and Time Management and Interviewing Skills in particular. I attended one of his training workshops and he left a lasting impression on the hearts and minds of the participants. He engages the audience very well and his hands-on approach accentuates the learning experience of participants. I would love to have him as part of any T&D and OD Task force.