Managers Managing Millennials

The workshop on how to motivate and engage millennials at workplace

The objective of this program is to enable Managers with insights on how to manage and understand millennials with respect to their motivation, engagement, working style, productivity barriers, culture and aspirations (social & technology). This program has been specially designed with extensive research gaining inputs from global reports like Deloitte, Harvard Business School, Amdocs(India) and includes personal experiences from top executives in the corporate world. The learning from this program will be highly practical and application oriented. Each Manager will take away a personal action plan from the program.

  • Why motivation fails? What are the motivational drivers?
  • Consumer mindset Vs. Contributor mindset
  • Know their working styles. Importance of flexing?
  • Managing Conflicts at work place. Decoding Culture (Values, Principles & Preferences)
  • What is Growth? Clarity on this term ‘Growth’
  • Feedback vs. Feed forward?
  • How to create multiple (aspirational) enablers at workplace
  • Cultivating Millennial Manager Mindset

Managers Managing Millennial and want to build a high performing team

  • A new version of motivation ‘Motivation 3.0’. Recognizing & rewarding the right thing, the right way.
  • Knowing your own working style and others style. How effective flexing can produce results.
  • Engaging Millennial at workplace. Creating a team culture.
  • How to make conflict productive. Art of inducing creative conflicts.
  • What is feed forward? How to cultivate a feedback culture.
  • How to implement vulnerability based trust
  • Mindset : Mentoring and reverse mentoring. Techniques on creating learning enablers
  • Tips and Techniques that are relevant and contextual.
  • Learning through videos, activities , group experiences and introspection.
  • Individual action plan tracker.
  • Pre-work and Post work (Reflection questions, TED/HBR articles ).

Watch the talk by Simon Sinek on Millennials