WINNWIN Leadership Academy Pvt. Ltd. is a premier global provider of self-paced training solutions to corporate houses, educational institutions and individuals. We believe in empowering the learner with crucial skills for today’s marketplace. Our sessions are imparted by top industry professionals recreating the real- world experience in the classroom charged with interactive learning experiences. We use state-of-the-art technology and unique training techniques to create powerful learning tools. Whether it’s for a novice who is yet to experience the nuances of the real world or an adept working professional, we believe that a thorough understanding is imperative upon leaving our training session. In addition to the classroom training sessions, we offer individual and group coaching sessions to bring the learning embedded into the company culture. All our training programs start with a sound pre-work, followed by classroom training and supported with a strong post-work. Our philosophy is to provide result oriented behavioral training and high end programs that will enable the individuals to improve personal and organizational effectiveness.

Our USP is that every program is highly customized to each organization based on the specific learning need and are delivered by the experts who specialize in those areas.

Some of our flag ship programs:

  1. Influence Without Authority  
  2. Demystifying Growth  
  3. 25 hours a day 
  4. Magical Presentations  
  5. Manager to Leader (MDP) 
  6. Managing Conflicts at Workplace 
  7. Effective Business Writing
  8. Business Communication skills
  9. Team Building
  10. Customer Delight
  11. Stress Management
  12. Power of non-verbal communication

WinnWin Leaders

Rajanikanth K

Rajanikanth K

CEO, Chief Trainer & Author
Indumathi R

Indumathi R

Director & Chief Trainer

WinnWin Leadership Academy in Action