Teach to Learn, Learn to Teach

If you are a teacher or a trainer who wanted to understand experiential way of teaching, then this is a MUST program for you. This program will help you to develop your own games/activities for any concept that may apply.

  • Techniques on designing an activity based on the objective
  • Conducting activities effectively so that the learning get registered in the people’s mind
  • Debrief the learning’s that can bring in learning from the participants(very powerful introspection method of learning) 
  • As a trainer or a teacher, audience engagement or holding on attention for a longer span of time becomes extremely challenging especially in day-long sessions.
  • Participants/Students are tired of power point driven presentations and wanted to learn through a high engagement model
  • Games and Experiential learning activities are proven to be the most interesting learning model for Adults and Children 
  • This program will help you learn how to derive more than one learning through a game based activity
  • It will give you insights on how to use simple tools for a designing an activity
  • It is extremely difficult to find or design a game. The social sites or books(although many) has very less content on designing and conducting learning based games 

Program in Action