Magical Presentation Lab (MPL)

One day workshop on creating and delivering high impact presentations

Do you want to master the skill of creating and delivering high impact presentations through a formula driven approach? Have you wondered although you have done many presentations, you are still not able to make an everlasting impact with audience? Are you in a situation that you are not able to see a measurable outcome on your presentation skills in spite of attending many presentation skills programs?

Welcome to the one day “MPL” workshop, a unique way of creating and delivering high impactful presentations through practical, experiential laboratory mode of learning. Participants will be part of the “Presentation Lab”  where they would undergo intense, hands on methods and techniques of making high impact presentations through 360 degree feedback, video based introspection , case studies, group activities , NLP techniques(overcome fear, increase confidence) and self-realization.

Participants will work on their own work related presentations throughout the program understand how their presentations can be delivered with an impact.

Participants who wanted to master the life skill of making an impact through their presentations

  •  Structuring the message
  • Effectively deliver remote presentations
  • Know and Engage the audience
  • Handling critical questions & difficult audience
  • How to make a powerful opening and closing
  • Story telling in presentations
  • Power of visuals
  • How to deliver a persuasive presentation
  • Usage of non-verbal communication in presentations

Program in Action