Workshop on ‘Lead without title’ (2 days)

 Course Overview

The key objective of this workshop is to help participants build the power of influence among their teams that helps them to maximize communication, build high performing teams, coach and mentor individuals and to understand the art of delegation. One of the key aspects of the program is to help managers understand their own and other person’s personal style of influence through proven scientific assessments and how it could be leveraged to create a more positive influence when dealing with different and difficult stakeholders.

  • Self-Awareness. Discover your personal influencing style (assessment based)
  • Why communication breaks? How to manage them effectively. Transactional analysis  
  • Process of setting clear goals with clarity on expectations
  • Techniques of effective mentoring and coaching
  • Why Feedback is critical to Influence. How can we encourage active feedback
  • Who is an emotional intelligent leader? An insight in to the key traits
  • Importance of engagement in building high performance teams
  • Learnings the essence on how and why delegation is critical
  • Understanding leadership styles and its application
  • Managing conflicts at work place
  • Understand why communication breaks through transactional analysis 
  • What is Motivation 3.0 and how it is relevant in today’s scenario 
  • How can they become effective one minute managers
  • Understanding methods of keeping employees engaged
  • How to apply the right strategy for managing conflicts (Thomas Kilmann’s model)
  • How to identify the strengths of the team and develop them
  • How situational leadership model can be applied to each & every team member (reflection, assessment, introspection and application) 
  • Self-development for participants on how to ‘GROW’  in the organization
  • Pre-assessment to understand each one’s influencing s tyle (Pre-work)
  • High impact training through role plays, activities, games group introspection
  • Defined Action plan for each individual as a take away
  • Post training follow up through readouts, TED videos, Action plan implementation chart

Program in Action