Demystifying Growth

The only result-oriented workshop that can guarantee more time

Program Objectives:

The first part of the workshop will focus on ‘Demystifying Growth’ for the Employees. The second part of the workshop will enable Managers to communicate with clarity on what it means to grow in the Organization. The workshop is powerfully designed with lot of examples, real life scenarios on why few Employees grow faster in an Organization whereas some Employees stagnate within the Organization. The workshop will focus some important techniques focusing the mindset and skills required to give and receive feedback. At the end of the workshop, both Mangers and Employees will have clarity on the one definition for Growth. Please watch Demystifying Growth video.

Course Contents:

  • Defining ‘What is Growth’ ? Why is Growth defined differently?
  • Consumer Mindset Vs Contributor Mindset
  • Applying the power of asking & identifying key Opportunities
  • Importance of seeking and giving feedback & Importance of ‘feedback significance’ for Growth
  • Building Visibility. Difference between Showcase Vs Showoff
  • How to build a powerful Network? Signal Strength of relationships within the Network
  • Unfolding the definition of Growth (secret sauce). Growth = Wider Contribution + Higher
  • Responsibilities

Program Methodology:

  • Activities/Role Plays / Group & Individual introspections
  • Games/Videos
  • Less of slides. Action plan for each individual
  • Tools and Techniques that can be applied to real life scenarios.


People who would wish to have more time to work on their important goals and achieve success.

  • Understand the need for more time????
  • Effective planning and organizing
  • Understanding priorities
  • Effective delegation
  • Avoiding procrastination
  • Multi-tasking
  • Understanding Value v/s Waste
  • Ensure participants gets at least one additional hour

Program in Action