24 Feb 2016

10 unreasonable things I did…

One of the very important factor for growth is to go beyond reasons that has logic, excuses and fear. The only way to make this possible is to do one small unreasonable action every day. Unreasonable action should a犀利士
ligned to the higher purpose overriding reasons that could stop this action.
I tried doing 10 unreasonable things this month.

  • Tipped a waiter before the meal and he delighted me with his service
  • Surprised my son by hiring an Harley Davidson from wickedride for 4 hours … now he says I am the best dad..
  • Took a Monday off for a date with my wife
  • Called up a Customer with whom the relationship was bad after a year and wished him the best for the year in Jan.. In Feb, he called me for support to train his teams
  • Started doing meditation for 30 minutes everyday
  • Gave 40 books on “SKill with people’ to my network of entrepreneurs
  • Did a magic show ( I was learning magic for a long time) for my apartment kids on my son’s birthday
  • Called and thanked 5 people who have helped me get better last year
  • Started having the dessert first in a buffet and ended with a soup
  • Asked my Customers to give me atleast one referral 

Doing one reasonable thing every body made me feel good, energetic and a sense of achievement. Take a chance, try one unreasonable thing every day. Make this as an action habit…

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