Team building though Dance (1 day)

Everyone likes to Dance

The objective of this program is to help the employees establish a strong relationship (bonding) with their peers and the organization by building key elements of trust and collaboration to work towards common objectives. The workshop equips an individual to act, communicate and coordinate with their team members in a more sensitive, creative and compassionate way. An individual is encouraged to effectively learn dance and contribute others to learn this skill with the intent of meeting the larger team objectives.

Dance Movement Therapy is a tool used to increase ones connection and alignment to their thoughts, behaviour and emotions. It is also an effective medium of self-exploration, and finding a deeper connection with oneself and in relationship with others. Through dance as a medium, we will address common organization challenges such as resources constraints, ability to innovate, rapport building, foster trust and integrity while working towards one common goal.

Participants need not know how to dance and their willingness to be blindfolded during few sessions.

  • Deep group and self-introspection
  • Program is facilitated by leadership experts and dance therapy experts to bridge dance and leadership
  • High energy experiential learning
  • Safe learning environment
  • Heightened self-awareness. Overcome inhibitions
  • Sensitive and responsible group behaviour
  • Effortless and conscious communication
  • Increased trust among team members
  • Increased cohesiveness. Works as “ONE” team
  • Spatial and Emotional Intelligence:Respecting and understanding one’s own and another’s space
  • Openness to learn. Working with diversified teams
  • Understand Cosmic Vibration and Body-Mind Connect