Build High Performing teams (Outbound Team building program) 8 hours

Course Overview: 

The objective of this program is to derive the importance of working together (collaborating) as a team to achieve a larger organization goal by appreciating each one’s strengths and challenges. In addition, the program will address key aspects of synergy by bringing in key elements of trust, team bonding and motivation towards achieving common goals. There will be deep dive in to experiential activities where the teams will be challenged to convert problems in to opportunities by listening and truly understanding each other.

  • Competition Vs Collaboration 
  • What is growth? (For individual and organization). How can we grow? 
  • Convert Challenges in to opportunities
  • Build high trust relationships among peers
  • What is synergy? How can we become contributors? 
  • How to identify challenges in our day to day work and convert them in to opportunities  
  • Respect for people and time by building high trust relationship (ONE Team) 
  • How to work on strengths of different team members and create a high performance team through effective collaboration 
  • What is contribution? Why contribution is evident for growth 
  • Experiential learning through activities and games 
  • More of ask resulting in introspection and provocation (change of attitude leads to change of behaviour) 
  • Entire content will be delivered through effective briefing and debriefing sessions by experienced facilitators before and after every exercise 

Program in Action